About me

I completed my University education in Medicine at Bologna University. On completion of this I specialized in Psychiatry at the Modena University Hospital.

My psychoanalytical training was completed within the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis (S.P.I.), in which my membership is continued to this date. I am a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (I.P.A.) .

Following my experience in the University Hospital (Modena) working as a psychiatric consultant, I now work and have been working for many years in private practice in Modena and Venice.

I am a Medical Doctor, a Psychiatrist, a Psychotherapist and a licensed Psychoanalyst of the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis (S.P.I.), member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (I.P.A.). A medical psychoanalyst is a physician with a postdoctoral specialization in psychiatry, who then undergoes an extensive training for many years, based on three elements: personal analysis by a senior analyst specially designated (training and supervising analyst), analysis of several patients conducted under supervision, and completion of an academic curriculum in which seminars on psychoanalytic theory, technique and process are conducted over several years at a post-graduate levels. I am a fully licensed physician, certified in Psychiatry, 
and, in addition, fully trained as a psychoanalyst.

Over the years I have participated in many different psychoanalytical congresses in which i have presented scientific papers.

I am a lecturer of the Theory of Psychoanalytical Observation and I am also a supervisor at the Martha Harris School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Tavistock model) in Bologna.

I m a member and a supervisor in the China America Psychoanalytic Alliance (C.A.P.A.), NYC, U.S.A. , of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy (I.A.F.P.), London, U.K., of the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) and of the Confederation of Indipendent Psychoanalytic Societis (CIPS).

In addition to my professional work: from 1993-1997 I was a member of the V.A.I.S. (Venetian Academy of Indian Studies (Cà Foscari, Venice University) whilst studying (part time) oriental languages (Hindi and Sanscrit) at 'Cà Foscari' University, Venice, Italy.  I am also the president of 'Castello925', which is a cultural association for the development of 'Contemporary Art' , situated in (Giardini-Biennale area) Venice (Italy).                          www.castello925.com

Founder of the project 'K-now-L-Edge',  devoted to the develop of 'creativity', 'art' and psychoanalysis, based in Venice (Italy) and in New York (USA).



Luca Caldironi MD

Castello 4473/A

30122 – Venezia





email: luca.caldironi@gmail.com





2008: Certificate in Psychoanalysis   

S.P.I (Italian Society of Psychoanalysis)-member of the I.P.A

(International Psychoanalytical Association)


1993-1996: Cà Foscari' University of Venezia

(Oriental Studies)       


1992: Doctor of Clinical Psychiatry

Modena University, University Hospital, Modena


1988-1992:  Residence University Hospital - Modena Psychiatry Division Specialization in Psychiatry


1986-1987: Military Service in the Italian Air Force, Healthcare Department



1986: Licensed Doctor of Medicine Bologna University, Italy


1985-1986: Internship in Psychiatric Division Clinic 'Otonello' – Bologna, Italy


1985: Degree in Medicine, Bologna Medical School University                    


1978: High School Certificate 'Classic Liceum Ariosto', Ferrara

                 (Philosophy, Latin and ancient Greek)










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Research and Groups



As a member of the P.P.R.S. (Psychodynamic Psychoanalytic Research Society) I am

involved in researches in the field of applied Psychoanalysis. My area off interest is

the processing of traumatic experience. I have worked on several projects as a

supervisors in team of colleagues and trainees, and the results of our work has been

presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association in NY

City every January since 2012. Most of the work presented addressed the

presentation and repercussion of traumatic material in patients and staff, in medical

units dealing with severe medical illness and mortality. (hospice, Palliative care)



I work like moderator in clinical supervision groups with the ‘Weaving Thoughts’ method. This method proposes a special way of working in small clinical groups that meet together. Sharing clinical ideas, especially in an international context, is an important and highly productive experience in contemporary psychoanalysis. As a research group, its aim is to draw up and define the main parameters that come into play in psychoanalytic treatment as practised nowadays, with the nuances in theoretical and practical matters that are typical of it. The goal is to create a genuine work of reflection—an associative “fabric” to which each participant brings his or her thinking, ideas and hypotheses. Relying much less on secondary processes, and more on free association, such group work resembles dream-thinking and is more representative of true psychoanalytic functioning. Through elaboration within the group’s interactive space, the patient of the presenter becomes 'the patient of the group'.  As such, the presenter has the opportunity to broaden his or her understanding of the case and, even more essentially, the group participants will be enabled to create—to live—an altered experience that will enhance their clinical work.

I have groups in Italy (Vittorio Veneto, Venezia-Mestre) and I had invitations to moderate groups also in NY with Marilyn Rifkin LCSW (November 2016, April 2017). Dr Rifkin is a training and supervising analyst, faculty member and Fellow at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR).  She is also a supervisor and faculty member at IPTAR’s Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program (CAP) and at the Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (MITPP). She is a member of the IPA and APsaA and is on the board of directors of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS). She has written and presented on the subjects of transference, countertransference, enactment, psychosomatics and trauma. She has a private practice in N.Y.C. and Westchester.

I had also other groups in NY with Ronnie Shaw who is one of the moderators and Co Chair WPSPTT of this method in North America. Groups hold in New York (March, 2015; March 2014 and in Boston, July 2015)

Personal changes of the method:


I started using this way of working not only for clinical supervisions but also for wide

ring the creative processes in the field of art.

The area of interest is the interface of 'Psychoanalysis, Art and Creativity’. In

several international meetings I presented theories about this subject, and I have

published in peer reviewed journals. To pursue this interest, I created two exhibitions

spaces in Venice in which artists and psychoanalysts could meet and work (2005).

This project, called 'Psychoanalysis beyond the couch' has meetings in Venice and in

NY City, and offers opportunities for both psychoanalysts and artists to explore the

ways in which their disciplines overlap and complement each other. For this I applied

the method in art galleries:

2015-‘Fohat’ Venice 31st october 2015: A ‘Salon’ curated by Orseola Barozzi e Chiara Zanella - O&C Antiques, Venice Actually, Luca Caldironi Special Guest: Toma Clark Haines - The Antiques Diva

Passages: by Luca Caldironi

The need of a place to stop. A scene that, doesn’t represent, but that it be a real and appropriate scenery of ambivalence as ambivalent as the imaginary and concrete language of art itself. It comes to create a “threshold- container” which separate and reunite, while through iconic narration, gives a voice and an expression to a nocturnal and antique world. Thanks to psychoanalysis we know how the iconic language has its origin in fantasy and how fantasy gets its strength from desire. We could therefore say that within our “Salon” proposal is enclosed the ambitious dare of being able to allow an aggregation of senses inside an evocative space that must remain. But at the same time it be sufficiently unsaturated as to consent the group an everlasting possibility of new feasible re-combinations. As the dream, in the moment in which it comes narrated, leaves its most private and nocturnal place in order to translate itself into a more public and diurnal moment, just as our scene aspires to do so, always on the delicate border line that exists between what is known as familiar and what is known as extraneous. But this is the same ‘uncanny’ pathway that the artwork must accomplish amongst what happens, even in the passage between thought-thoughts (still pre-verbal) and their possibility to being expressed. More generally, it is what happens in the passage amid ‘private’ space and ‘public’ space.

2014-In the evening of May 31, Tian Fangfang and Tian Yuan sisters' solo exhibition

"Nowhere to Live" was opened in Castello925 Gallery in Venice, Italy. The

exhibition was curated by Chinese curator Yu Gao and Italian curator Luca Caldironi

Venice Art Biennale 2014


2014- ‘Come Together: Collage’, Molly Krom Gallery, New York (January, 2014)

and Castello 925 Gallery, Venice (February, 2014).

An exhibition about Collage as an Esthetic-Ethical Paradigm by two curators, Luca

Caldironi (curator, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, based in Venice) and Molly

Krom (curator, psychiatrist, based in New York).



1986- present: Private Practice

1986: Military Hospital Neurological-Psychiatric Division

1988: Institute of Psychiatric Clinic 'P. Ottonello' National Department of Healthcare

2009-present: Lecturer of Psychoanalytic Theory and Observation at the 'Martha Harris' School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Tavistock Model – combined with Dip/MA in

Psychoanalytical Observational Studies awarded by University of East London

2009-2015: Associate Editor at the Italian Psychoanalytical Web Site www.spiweb.it

2012-present: Supervisor at the 'Laboratorio Adolescenza e Genitorialità'        

(Laboratory for Adolescents and Parents), Vittorio Veneto, Belluno, Italy

2012-present: Consultant for the bilingual Italian-English Magazine ‘Venezia News’     

2014-2017: Lecturer at the Padova University, Department of Philosophy       Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA)

2015-present: member of the research group ‘Geographies of Psychoanalysis’ I.P.A

2016-present: Consultant of the IPA Psychoanalysis and Law Committee

2018-present: member of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies,           CIPS.                                    




1986: Ferrara Order of Physicians, Ferrara, Italy


1986: Italian Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (H. Berheim), Verona, Italy


1986: International Institute of Psychosynthesis, Firenze, Italy


1992: Modena Order of Physicians, N. 4581, Modena, Italy


1992: Modena Psychotherapy-List, Modena, Italy


1992: Modena, Italian Society of Psychiatry, Modena, Italy


2008: Italian Society of Psychoanalysis (S.P.I.)


2008: International Psychoanalytical Association (I.P.A.)


2012: International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy (I.A.F.P.), London, UK


2012: China America Psychoanalytic Alliance (C.A.P.A.) USA


2012: Psychodynamic Psychoanalytic Research Society (PPRS), USA


2014: American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), USA


2018: Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS), USA