"Oltre il Lettino" Project


" The Creativity, Art, Psychoanalysis and Society Project’s mission reflects our renewed effort to address the relevance of our discipline to a post-modern world that has become increasingly antagonistic to psychoanalysis. It is about “beyond the couch” or “bringing the couch onto the streets” a way to highlight what psychoanalysis has to offer to extra-transferential field. In this regard, the Project is attempting to engage diverse disciplines in a meaningful dialogue. The Project functions as an umbrella under which visual arts, films, music, literature and socio-political affairs may be explored and understood with a psychoanalytic informed approach. It is not  intended as a way of seeing the world through the psychoanalytic lens, but rather a way to complement other form of experiences."








This project aims to promote the dissemination of artistic and cultural projects that start from the intersection of art and psychoanalysis.

The ambitious purpose that animates us, is not limited to the sum of the fields of interest, but wants to give life to a creative space/movement that, through 'K' (to know), in the 'here and now' ('Now') of the moment, vitalized by passion ('L'), leads us to proceed always on the 'thread' ('Edge'), of speech.

It is a movement in continuous progress that favours the formation of 'ties' and 'associative networks' that involve our historical roots in Venice (www.castello925.com) with the evolving spaces of NY.









‘K-Now-L-Edge’ (Group Experience)


“Out of darkness and formlessness something evolves”

(W. Bion)

 Our group offers a reflective space to expand creativity and inner exploration.  Group participants are invited to connect with selected evocative images and share their internal resonances.   As W. Bion maintains, emotional contact enhances the birth of proto-emotions and proto-sensations, which, through a process of transformation, gives rise to thought. In our group we want to offer an experience of individual and group process that combines the imaginative skills of the mind with the ability to build meanings with respect to the reality that surrounds us. The group is led to a meditative relaxed state.  Then, everyone is invited to free associate on the images offered (video, paintings, photographs, and other media).  The experiences of each participant can emerge and become part of the group process.

This group is open people in the helping profession and to anyone seeking better contact with their internal experiences and with other people.

This group work facilitates a wider access to fantasies, iconographies, and associative and creative thinking.  It allows participants and the group as a whole to understand, transform and rework the images into shared symbolic and mythical elements.

This process not only stimulates curiosity and activates emotions, but also helps to face and unlock internal conflicts, encouraging more creative and collaborative relational situations in life.